The Land Development Corporation is the Northern Territory's strategic land developer.

Our Purpose

We assist enterprises by providing easy access to well-located industrial, commercial and residential land in Australia's Northern Territory. We play a crucial role in planning for economic growth and development and aim to deliver strategic land and investment opportunities to the Northern Territory market in a commercial manner.

The Corporation is committed to delivering developments that may not provide a sufficient enough return for the private sector to undertake on their own, and developments which are required by Government to increase the supply of land where short supply threatens the economic well-being of the Northern Territory.

The Corporation applies private sector rigour to its projects to deliver a return to the Northern Territory Government. Where appropriate, we work with the Northern Territory Government and the private sector to deliver a diverse range of projects in a commercial and responsible manner.

Our commitment to sustainability, innovation and partnerships underpins our development approach as we recognise much of what we do has a direct impact on social, economic and environmental development outcomes.

Our Strategic Direction

We contribute to the economic growth of the Northern Territory by innovatively developing and managing residential and industrial/commercial developments. We will work in partnership with Government and the private sector to:

  • Meet the Northern Territory’s strategic residential, industrial and commercial land requirements and respond to the community and industry’s short and long term requirements
  • Apply its resources to initiate, undertake, facilitate and manage new developments
  • Facilitate the development of Aboriginal land in collaboration with traditional owners for the economic benefit of their broader communities
  • Build strong links with the property industry and development-focussed government and semi-government agencies throughout Australia to support the Corporation’s projects and project partners
  • Pursue opportunities to optimise returns on the Corporation’s assets while operating within the guidelines for a Government Business Division.


The Land Development Corporation will be accountable and act commercially in accordance with:

  • The Land Development Corporation Act and its regulations
  • Relevant Northern Territory and Australian government legislation
  • Ministerial and Cabinet directions pursuant to section 8 of the Land Development Corporation Act
  • Sound business and financial management practices, including a program of internal and external audit
  • Northern Territory Government policies and objectives for the conduct of its Government Business Divisions including, importantly, the principle of competitive neutrality
  • Prudent risk management practices, including implementing an effective risk minimisation strategy through regular due diligence reviews
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