The MSA adjoins the Common User Facility and can provide up to 12 hectares of serviced industrial land. The MSA will deliver large strategic industrial sites for vessel repair and maintenance workshops and smaller sites for the clustering of support activities in close proximity to the Ship Lift.

The Marine Service Area is an essential component to fulfil the economic activity and job creation opportunities expected to be enabled by the Ship Lift project.

A development application for the proposed subdivision went on a period of public exhibition during September 2018. The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Power and Water Corporation, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, NT Environment Protection Authority and the Department of Health submitted comments regarding the development.

A planning scheme amendment to facilitate the MSA concluded a month long exhibition period during August 2018 and is currently under consideration. Detailed design of the MSA will be informed by the outcomes of the Development Permit, particularly the requirements of the relevant service authorities.



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