The Land Development Corporation is working with the Tiwi Land Council and the Tiwi Aboriginal Land Trust to support economic development on the Tiwi lslands by providing the private sector with investment opportunities through the Tiwi Development Framework Agreement.

About the Tiwi Islands

Access: The Tiwi lslands, made up of the two large, but relatively undeveloped islands of Bathurst and Melville, are strategically located only 70 kilometres north of Darwin and are readily accessible by plane, barge and ferry.

Climate: The Tiwi lslands, like most of the Northern Territory, has two seasons during the year - wet and dry. The dry season is from June to September, and the wet season is from October to May.

Environment: The Tiwi Islands comprise an area of around 7,800km2, which is 10 times the size of Singapore, with a population of only 2,600 people or 0.1% of the population of Singapore. The coastline comprises 1,000 kilometres of pristine beaches, headlands and sunsets.

Attractions and Activities: The Tiwi Islands have a range of attractions and activities including popular fishing lodges, art centres and cultural museums.

There are a range of development opportunities available on the Tiwi lslands, via long term leases of up to 99 years. The leases will be established on a commercial basis with a fair market value for rent. There are a range of business models that may be suitable including private ownership and a joint venture with Tiwi people.


What is LDC's role?

LDC can facilitate negotiation between developers and investors and the Tiwi People. With the Tiwi Development Framework Agreement in place, LDC can essentially act as the ‘middle-person’ in bringing investors/developers and the Tiwi people together to agree on a suitable investment outcome for the economic and social benefit of the Tiwi Islands.

Tiwi Island opportunities include:

  • Tourism and Residential: Cabins, glamping or weekender developments with restaurant and flagship attractions
  • Aquaculture: Sea or land-based farming of fish, prawns, clams, oysters, crabs and sea cucumbers
  • Agriculture: Fruit and vegetables, buffalo and forestry
  • Industrial: Marina, barge landing and water bottling

If you’re looking at a particular investment opportunity on the Tiwi Islands, or you’d like to discuss what opportunities may exist, contact LDC to find out more.

"The school teachers tell us that something very positive is happening in our classrooms. The kids have a purpose they can believe in; the know there are jobs and opportunities here on their own lands and with their families. That is why we welcome investors to take up some of the unique opportunities made available through our agreement with the Land Development Corporation to make secure land tenure available for tourism, agriculture and aquaculture industries."


Gibson Farmer Illortaminni 

Chairman of the Land Council

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