LDC Supports Ship Lift

Monday 02 September 2019

The Land Development Corporation’s Common User Facility will become an important piece of the maritime services industry, following the announcement by the NT Government of the $400M ship lift at East Arm. 

In what will be a major shot in the arm for the Territory economy, the $400M ship lift project will be fully operational by 2023. Capable of servicing vessels from industries including offshore petroleum, fishing, pearling, Defence and Border Force, the facility will be a boon for the maritime services industry in the Northern Territory. Key features of the ship lift include:

  • A 103m ship lift capable of lifting vessels up to 5000 tonnes
  • 4 wet berths
  • 20ha of hardstand area for ship repair and maintenance works.

Situated adjacent the proposed ship lift site, the Common User Facility provides 9 hectares of secure, heavy duty hardstand, and a barge ramp with all-tide access.

Chief Executive Tony Stubbin believes LDC’s $28M investment in the Common User Facility stands to add significant value to the ship lift.

“LDC’s Common User Facility provides significant efficiencies for the ongoing operation of the ship lift, providing additional heavy duty hardstand purpose built for the maritime services industry.”

Mr Stubbin also outlined that development of a proposed Marine Service Area by LDC planned to provide opportunities for industry to collocate proximate to the ship lift. 

“The Marine Service Area provides 12 hectares of serviced industrial land with access to the ship lift. This development will allow the clustering of large ship maintenance and marine fabrication, workshops, marine logistics activities and supporting services in one integrated hub.”

“A subdivision development permit was issued for Stage 1 of the Marine Service Area in December 2018. The first stage of five large sites will accommodate vessel maintenance workshops with a unique central access road allowing vessels up to 60m in length to be transported from the ship lift.”

Serviced lots within Stage 1 of the Marine Service Area will be available by 2022 in preparation for the ship lift project.

For more information on land opportunities within the Marine Industry Park, contact Jenny Strang on 08 8944 0930 or email jenny.strang@landdevcorp.com.au

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