Monday 02 December 2019

Truck Central was recently shortlisted as a finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister’s Awards for Excellence in the Public Sector. The awards formally recognise outstanding achievements by the Northern Territory Public Sector, as well as outstanding partnerships between the public sector and private enterprise. 

Nominated in the Excellence in Partnering category, Truck Central demonstrates the benefits that government and private sector partnerships can achieve in delivering strategic needs for the Territory.

Land Development Corporation coordinated a number of partnerships involving the Northern Territory Road Transport Association, local civil contractor Ostojic Group, BP Australia, NT Government and the Australian Government to deliver Truck Central estate in 2019. 

A one-stop hub for the transport industry, Truck Central comprises 22 industrial lots for sale and development centred around three integrated transport facilities being the BP Darwin Truck Stop, the Road Train Assembly Area and the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Facility.

LDC and NTG’s consultation with the private sector was fundamental to ensuring Truck Central delivered for future users. “The project team’s mix of private and public sector capabilities drove success at Truck Central” said LDC Project Director, Paul Schneider.

“The Land Development Corporation leveraged its position as a Government Business Division to build strong relationships between government regulators, industry representative groups and the private sector. Ostojic Group used its 45 year history in the NT to draw together a construction team that delivered a high quality product”.

The hotly contested Excellence in Partnering Category received 17 nominations, with the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation’s Arafura Games Business Engagement Program and Arafura Games Support the eventual winner. Land Development Corporation congratulates all nominees and award winners for driving positive outcomes for the Territory.

To find out more about Truck Central, or to secure your opportunity within the “best truck hub on the road” contact Jenny Strang on 08 8944 0900.

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