The Barge Ramp is part of the 140 hectare Marine Industry Park and will provide logistic support for commercial use, with all tide access and supporting Common User Facility.


  • A heavy duty paved roadway from the Common User Facility to the head of the ramp
  • All tide access for two barges side by side
  • A ramp designed for amphibious landing craft that can cater for a variety of coastal shipping barges
  • A heavy duty concrete barge ramp with side protection fenders
  • A rock protection breakwater to minimise water movement at the ramp
  • Navigation aids including a sector and Cardinal markers
  • Lighting and potable water services.

The project is jointly funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Defence and the Northern Territory Government’s Land Development Corporation.

Barge Ramp Rates: $1,000 plus GST per 6 hour time slots.


For bookings:

Jenny Strang

Sales and Leasing Manager

Phone: 08 8944 0900


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